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PayPal to MPESA

Easily Transfer your dollars to our paypal business account using this site and have an exchanged amount sent directly to your MPESA number. Click the button below and check out with PayPal

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If you wish to track your latest transaction or retrieve your transaction history kindly register with us here. For one time transaction, you can skip this step and proceed to exchange your dollars.

Transaction Status

For registered customers, track the status of your pending transactions. Also, view and generate reports of your transaction history [ Currently Under Maintenance] Not Registered? Register here

About PayPal to MPESA Forex Exchanger

What is Paypal to MPESA Forex Exchanger?

Paypal to MPESA Forex Exchanger is a local fund and currency exchanger dealing with two main money platforms; PayPal and MPESA. Primarly, you can exchange money from your PayPal to MPESA and vice versa. Also, you will be able to exchange from your PayPal into your Other Mobile Platforms in upcoming updates.

Why choose Paypal to MPESA Forex Exchanger

This platform saves you from unnecessary delays. We offer competitive rates and offer forward and backward transactions. It is reliable and efficient.


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